Radio friendly songwriter/producer, experienced in providing music and/or songs for demos and albums.

In conjunction with NoSleep Int, Terence released the project "Earfunk Jazz: Volume 1" February 2006. The release was marketed extensively in the South/Southeastern U.S., where it was most favorably received.

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Ear Funk Jazz Vol. 1 now available for purchase on CD Baby -

8/28/2007 - "She" enteres Broadjam Current R&B Top 10. Thanks to you all for the positive reviews!

Terence Gardner

The vessel of Terence Gardner's soul drops anchor in the stillest of waters, absorbing the most faint ripples created by the casting of life's varied stones. Listening for the irresistable tickled laughter of melodies to accompany his accessible and sincere lyrics, Terence captures those fleeting yet impactful encounters which can lift our spirits long beyond the moment of their occurence. It is this sense and awareness of humanity and self which the listener so closely identifies with. It is the source of an underlying confidence present in his work; Terence understands his individuality alone spawns uniqueness.

Terence's initial musical itchings were scratched by the heavenly harmonies of choirs, precise picking country guitars and funksters providing the soundtrack of his late 70's/early 80's childhood. Concentrating on Music Theory, Sound Recording, MIDI and Music Publishing in college, Terence would eventually gain notice producing tracks for Pop, R&B and Hip Hop artists from Northern California to the Texas and Georgia regions. Based out of Sacramento since the mid 90's, Terence has often provided accompaniement at Commencement cermonies, Company parties as well as original arrangements and vocals for private weddings. Terence has a solid Pop/Top 40 friendly sound, yet he has worked seamlessly on hip hop, metal, reggae, jazz, blues and latin projects.

Lyrically, influences found in Terence Degar's work include the honest vulnerability of Phil Collins along with the undying romantic sensibility of Smokey Robinson and Babyface. Musically, traces of melodies from beboppers like Monk and Coltrane; rhythms from James Brown; the 80's Minneapolis sound; and grooves of the Cuban masters are never more than a generation or two removed from most finished projects. The vocal triumverate of Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye and Sarah Vaughan loom as the primary influences in Terence's singing.

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