Tint Mak is a renowned artist born and raised in Sacramento California. He started writing and rapping at the age of 12. His style of rapping was influenced by the late 1980s era of gansta rap. In his teens he helped form a group called The MP CLIQUE as an artist he evolved and developed skills that later help established a path of artistry that ventures beyond music. With his new found skills he started his own company ShoBoss Entertainment and Films that went on to produce and work with a lot of influential artist that expanse the glob .During all this it gave him time to increase his skills as a versatile artist that can go bar for bar with your favorite artist. His overpowering voice and his aggressive style makes him and his music stick out from the rest, while still keeping it street and humble, with his career on the rise expect a lot of material from Tint Mak of ShoBoss Entertainment.

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In latest news ShoBoss Entertainment has lunched there first clothing line ShoBoss APPAREL with the first t-shirt with WAZDABIZZNESS PLAYER LOGO.
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