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Get to Know The Rust

July 15, 2008- Nashville, TN -Formed in the shadows of Nashville's diverse musical terrain The Rust's, vocalist/guitarist Nick James, keys Chris Scott, bassist/vocalist Greg McCool, guitarist Justin Davenport, and drummer Tom DuPree III surface with edge and energy that combines the city's broad musical elements into a fresh package of hard-hitting rock-ballads with a face-melting melodic hard rock sound.

â?¨The sonic spirit of the bands varied influences come to fruition on their 2008 debut album, Anticipation, released November 15th, 2008. Produced by Jon King (Augustana, Alabaster Box, The October..), Anticipation captures the tightly charged and potent rock of The Foo Fighters and the sensible melodies of Tonic to form a brooding, heart pounding album of shout out loud pop rock songs.

What is now 'The Rust' really began with just Nick James Newhouse and his obsessive, uncontrollable habit of writing face-melting melodic hard rock. Enamored as a youngster by hard rock and alternative bands like Metallica and Chevelle, Nick began crafting hard-hitting songs, working it all up in bedroom-demo fashion. As he grew in his craft, he began melding these sonic qualities with song-smithing sensibilities gleaned from progenitors like Fuel, Foo Fighters and Default.

Several months and many late nights later, with a dozen songs or so wood-shedded to the point of satisfaction, Nick handed over the reins to producer Jon King. Jon admits this has been the most challenging project of his career. He was initially attracted to the project because the scope and style were different than any other project he'd produced. Known for his tenacity and unflinching commitment for turning out a world-class record, King has risen to the challenge.

Now with a fresh minded approach to song writing they set out to forge an undeniable arsenal of songs like "Missing You and Drowning", all melodic tunes that errupt into a monster chorus of un-appologetic ferocity with lyrics to match. Another key component to their electrified maelstrom is the emotionally charged "Finally Over", a fast paced symphonic juggernaut that builds relentlessly from start to finish with a payoff that could only be rivaled by flight. The Rust poured their blood, sweat and tears into Anticipation and their live set mimics the high energy that's displayed on the album.

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