And Then It Happens...

Sometimes when you least expect it; just when you thought all hope was lost, and all beauty had faded, you find yourself in the middle of a moment that is bigger than your dreams, and bolder than your imagination. A moment of divine providence where desire and destiny collide and sparks of life begin to fly once again. That is The Mystic Union that inspires the soul and stirs the passions deep within our spirits. That is ultimately what compels us all. And make no mistake my friend that is why you find yourself here today. Now is the time! This is the place! And curiously, we are the people who will experience this quickening of cultural expression together. Together WE are The Mystic Union, and at last our time has come!

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Rising from the ashes of what was the pioneering "Revival Rock" band Strangers & Pilgrims, TheMysticUnion is more than just another band of musicians with songs to sing and egos to feed. In fact TheMysticUnion is rapidly emerging as a movement that is worth joining; a cause worth fighting for; an emotional & musical journey worth taking; a sonic & spiritual awakening worth having; and BLAH BLAH So on and so forth.

But seriously. On the otherside of all of that pretentious hooey, and self indulgent nonsense - TheMysticUnion, lead by singer/songwriter - Jeffrey Hunter - is simply a group of artists/activists/songwriters & seekers from Birmingham, AL who have a passion to stop wading through the shallow end of the "pop culture" pool and start diving into the creative depths of true community and artistic expression. AND IF THAT DOESN'T WORK THEN "WHAT THE HECK?" AT LEAST THE JOURNEY STILL ALLOWS THEM TO HANG OUT WITH HIP FOLKS LIKE YOU GUYS AND ROCK OUT LIKE THEY MEAN IT!

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