THE FIFTH ELEMENT is a project started by Pablo Cano, inspired on synthetic and futuristic sounds and rythms, that liberate the most fantastic dreams of human mind. All this without letting a computer replace musical art and human creativity.

We are talking of Non comercial music... If you like Vangelis, J.M. Jarre,Tangerine Dream or Synergy you will like this.

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THE FIFTH ELEMENT is a project initiated 10 years ago by Pablo Cano, after a long period of composition and performing of Electronic Music for himself and a private circle of friends.

Pablo Cano is engineer of audio and electronics, and comes from a family where music is a very important part of their lives. When very young he was impressed and captured by the sound of synthesizers in the early 70´s, in what we could name the beguinig of the electronic age of music. Thanks to his father, since Pablo was a child he had always contact with keyboards, and from then it was his purpose to create and play the music that he loves.

He doesn´t use computers to compose, to arrange or to perform his music. He likes to use keyboards, phisical knobs and sliders of sequencers and equipment that are used to program or to tweak and achieve sounds or effects.

On the other hand, Pablo Cano is a philosophic, spiritual and esoteric man, looking for the true sense of his soul, situation that is clearly stamped in his music, and finally leaded to the name "The Fifth Element".

There are two songs from the album "Solar Journey" that particularely deserve that we look at; the first and maybe the most beautifull of this CD is "Searching For My Soul", the second is "Universal Wave Expansion". These melodies were composed and performed at once, without rehearsal. Both were arranged and finished latter whithout touching again the main theme with the original sounds.

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