The Electric Primadonnas are an Psychedelic Rock trio from Oklahoma City. We put on an electrifying and original show with high energy. We've played a number of shows and successfully toured the west in August 2007. We've been on several different kinds of radio including airplay and internet stations. We've recorded, produced, and released three full-length albums. A local paper wrote, "few local acts have members who play off each other as well as the Primadonnas. Everyone in the band just seems to be on the same page and it shows [on the album], giving the album a wholeness and an undeniably agreeable flow from start to finish." We've also had interviews and received press with a number of other papers.

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The Electric Primadonnas are a Modern Indie Garage Rock trio from Oklahoma City. We've only been a band for short time, but we've already created an alarming buzz. Our individual experiences have been absorbed quickly into a strong wall of sound. We've funded and recorded our first full length album early 2007. We have recently finished our 2nd and are recording our 3rd. We've played several shows around the state and successfully toured the southwest in August 2007. We've taken our place in the Oklahoma music scene as a "supergroup."
Chris, the singer/guitarist, has been playing guitar, piano, drums, bass, singing, and writing for about seven years. He's played uncountable shows in this time. He's been the front man, songwriter, and producer of known bands such as The Volares, Secrets of the Talking Machine, The Schizodelics (in which he plays everything), and lead guitar/producer for Belle Reve. One such band is Pudding Attack(on Acidsoxx Musicks), which has played shows with My Way My Love, Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Hella, and Peelander-Z. They've also shared airplay with the Velvet Underground, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, and Wilco. He has a degree in Music Recording. He has a home recording studio and has recorded a number of bands.
Brian, the drummer, has been playing in a successful gigging band called Angry Mom, who are no longer together. He has been playing other instruments such as guitar and bass for a number of years. He is also getting a degree in Music Recording.
Chance Pickett, the bassist, started and fronted Sal Domino for a couple of years before they split up. He wrote, sang, and played guitar. He's become an accomplished guitarist, bassist, and drummer over the past years.
We have an intimate connection with the audience and a developed sublime of influences from The Beatles to Beck and Bob Dylan to Joy Division. We're just a hard working band that loves to play.

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