The Ditchpigs are a Rock & Roll kick in the teeth, who’ll gear out riffs that wouldn't leave your head if you wanted them to.

Being a band born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick, they were forced to learn from some of the best independent rock Canada has to offer. You can undeniably hear the tones of the Moncton sound between the hard hitting riffs and melodic choruses, but what you'll notice before anything else is that this band is carving out a sound like nothing you've heard, but something you’ll definitely want to hear more of.

The songs are fast, aggressive and catchy as all hell, but you won’t find any whining, complaining, or any songs about girls here. Written by a generation of kids fed up with office politics & 9-5 blue collar-dom, you’ll find an honest, anger driven brand of songwriting that is null on the sugar coating, and heavy on the aforementioned kicking your teeth in.
  • Member Since: 2004
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