Tent Show Troubadours were formed by Bob Hoot (guitar/vocals) and Doug McLeod (bass) as the foundation of the band formed in 2016. The rest of the lineup consists of Geri Hamilton (violin/vocals) who joined in summer 2019, followed by John Hamilton (guitar) in late September of that year. Tom Ellis (drums) joined the band in late summer of 2021. TST gigs are occasionally graced with the vocal talents of Wendy Lynn Markus (violin/vocals. TST has seven albums and an EP of original songs to which you can listen and groove. Original Music in a Variety of Flavors, Tangled Ways, Revival (EP), Murder of Crows, Autumn's Empire, Alchemy & Chemistry, Lost & Found and our latest album originals titled Heroes & Horse Thieves. After our sixth album of originals, the overlapping bands of Tent Show Troubadours / HOOT and Hollers recorded 10 cover songs on the aptly named album Cover Letters.

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April 1, 2021 -- Tent Show Troubadours / HOOT and Hollers -- Cover Letters is a pandemic project was pieced together with tracks recorded at the home studios of Bob, Doug, and Ben. All protocols were followed then, as they were later when vocals were recorded at Blast House Studios with Landon Arkens.
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