AKARUK was formed as an alias for Tad Michael Wheeler's electronic based music. It is a specific mode of operation and direction unlike his other work. In addition to his love of electronic music, Tad has been a drummer for over 25 years, and is also an accomplished pianist.

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Tad Michael Wheeler possesses talents and interests in many different directions. As a musician, he is known primarily for his solo piano work, percussion, and electronic music; he is also an engineer, producer, programmer, fine artist, graphic artist, and art collector.

Since early childhood he was fortunate to be exposed to the world of music: his mother not only fueled his appreciation for music but also helped develop his logical talents. After moving to
Colorado at a very young age he began to show a special direction and sensitivity toward both visual and musical arts.

The power and energy of Tad's music began with percussion. After years of playing drums in a band, he began to search for alternative creative outlets. He navigated to playing piano along with recording, engineering, and producing. In 1984, he began electronic composition with one of the first Yamaha DX-7 synthesizers and MIDI. It was love at first touch.

Upon graduating from the Colorado School of Mines in 1985, Tad began work in the aerospace industry, and after six years formed his own consulting company. During this time, he also continued his musical pursuits both performing and composing. His first musical dream was realized with the release of "Silence In Motion," in 1989.

The balance of logic and creativity developed in his early musical years remained a strong influence on his character and his work—an influence which has endured throughout his career. Inevitably, his studies

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