Sun Travellers are based in Amsterdam, Holland.
Sun Travellers's music combines inspired songwriting with sonic experimentation in the recording studio, with instrumental improvisation and soundscape layering, using vintage electronic effects and advanced mixing techniques.
Solid roots in '70s Classic and Prog Rock, with vocal harmonizations and a twist of experimental Electronica.
Songs can follow a traditional songwriting structure, or at times be more freely formed and experimental.
Compositions connected to soundtrack ideas are mostly based on extensive lead instrumental parts, mainly electric guitars or analogue synthesizers.

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Our debut album "Excursions" is available on CD and digital download from our online store:


Members met for the first time and started playing together in 2006, relocating in Amsterdam, NL, as expats.
The first recordings took place in the SSL and VTC studios at SAE, favoured for the natural vintage flavour these consoles can give to their music.

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