As a South African duo, is committed to writing and producing great songs, mostly in the Contemporary Folk genre. We endeavour to write and record music that will touch people's hearts and minds.
In a perfect world, all songs would be inherently free entities. For this reason, all songs are, and always will be, freely downloadable for personal use from our website at
We have chosen to call ourselves, so that it would be very obvious where people can download our music. In this way, we hope to become more widely known to the gatekeepers of the international music industry and for our songs to be used in media projects from which we can generate royalty income.
We invite everyone in the world to listen to You just might like it....


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MORNING GLORY---great song--I LOVE IT!--cheers--joe.

Hi, I'm also in Cape Town, in Pinelands. If you ever need a drummer, I'm pretty good. I use Roland Electronic Drums coz of their fantastic sound quality and of course a volume control! I also record, I' uploading my songs today! Regards
Ian. Friends

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