"Amanda Palmer gone psychedelic and retro -- one of the rawest, most original aesthetics we've heard in awhile." - Keyboard Magazine

Stephanie Rearick is a solo artist and fronts The There Was a Mans. Previous bands include Your Mom SRO and The Coma Savants.

Rearick has issued 4 full-length solo releases plus recordings with Your Mom, Your Mom SRO and The Coma Savants, along with side work with musicians such as Eugene Chadbourne and The Crest.

Rearick's work is sometimes dark piano-based classical/cabaret/pop. In addition to piano, Rearick sings, plays trumpet, and builds pieces with various sound sources live on a Boss Loopstation.

"For Madison's Stephanie Rearick, labels like 'classical' and 'arty' don't do justice to the genre-bending music box of sound that comes from her upright piano. It's by turns adventurous and accessible, ancient and futuristic, comforting and scary." - The Onion

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Stephanie Rearick is co-owner of Mother Fool's Coffeehouse, which she and her husband have run since 1995. Prior to owning Mother Fool's, Rearick received media and strategy training during her six-plus years with the international environmental organization Greenpeace (1989 - 1995), serving as local office director of the Madison office for two of those years. In 1995 Rearick helped to form Madison Hours local currency. Rearick served on the steering committee of the local independent political party Progressive Dane, serving as party co-chair from 2002 - 2004, and served on Madison's Alcohol License Review Committee from 2003 - 2008, as Chair from 2006 - 2008. In addition to her work with the TimeBank, Rearick also works as a musician. Rearick earned a bachelor's degree in the Interdisciplinary Studies program (Film/Media studies) at Miami University, Oxford, OH.

In January 2007 Rearick was elected to serve on the Timebanks USA Board of Directors. In March 2010 she was elected Co-Chair of the Board.

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Darius Ghanat
over 30 days ago to Stephanie Rearick

I stopped by to listen to your music. You have a unique style and are a good lyricist. My favorite song is "Wild is the Wind," it really showcased your singing!

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