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Born in USSR in 1975 in the small town of Serov (Ural), Dmitry finished musical school (violin) and moved to Israel in 1992.

By day, Dmitry played Vivaldi's Concerto "A" minor for Two Violins at musical school, but by night, he played guitar in a punk band called "Pot Of Honey".

In the year 2000, he began growing an interest in synthesizers, samplers, and sound engineering. As a nice result, Dmitry writes soundtracks for movies and also produces / writes music for different local and Russian artists.

At present, Dmitry's full-time job is writing / producing music and he is a freelancer in post production sound studios. He composes in various styles of music for any kind of projects - animations, short films, documentary, TV shows and advertisements. In the last two years, he has written and continues to write music for different music libraries, most of them in USA.

Also, Dmitry is a member in a Yiddish Metal band called "Gevolt".

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