The Gift ( by Donovan Tucker and Adam Avery)

Story Behind The Song

Donovan Tucker asked if I would share my vocals for this very special heart was so very touched not only by the true story behind this song, but touched when asked to share my God-given talent,and be a part of it.

Song Description

" All of us have received the gift of love at some point in our life.Maybe that gift is life lessons learned from someone no longer with us"....Donovan Tucker

Song Length 3:25 Genre Country - Religious, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Spirituality, Life
Similar Artists Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood

Nice message and lyric wrapped up in a contemporary style.
Going into a memorable chorus. Great match of of voice to song.

Wow, what a song! You gave me the gift. My dad recently passed away, and it make me think of him. Thank you for this song! Lovely intro & instrumentation, stellar lyrics, perfect performance and intonation. Heartfelt and sweet. Excellent recording and production. I think I know who this is. Your voice is singular and beautiful, one I could listen to for hours. My favorite lyric: As you drew your final breath, you helped me to find mine. WOW...POWERFUL!

The echo is perfectly placed. Love the message and hope this song conveys so well. Love this your voice, great dynamics.

Very pretty song, the melody was a good pace, and it was a good message.

Lyrics Donovan Tucker / Adam Avery Music Donovan Tucker / Adam Avery
Producer Jay Speight Publisher WCCM (non - exclusive)
Performance Julia Schmidt (vocal) Jay Speight ( piano)
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Country - Religious #2
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