Story Behind The Song

A melody I found through improvisation many months ago and saved at the time. Discovered it when going through old files and became enthusiastic to do something with it.

Song Description

A relaxing piece intended as modern country film/tv music.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Tranquil, Relaxed Subject Peace, Spirituality
Language Other Era 2000 and later

Nice instrumental track with some neat guitar licks, both acoustic and electric
A rather peaceful piece with well thought arrangements. Mix and production are clean and crystal clear

This is a nice thematic piece. The mood that the guitar creates is somber and sentimental. The changes and melodies are familiar yet fresh. Nice orchestral embellishments help to elevate the piece as moves along. The bridge is nice, and the hints of mandolin add nice texture. Considerate production... I could easily see this used in TV/Film, Video and/or Voiceover production. Well done.

The arrangement and instrumentation is flawless and the recording is just as spectacular! Pitch this song patiently.It should get picked up by a music supervisor eventually!
LC Team

Beautiful melancholy soundtrack, with a side of hope. The guitar has a very pretty feel as the melody, and the mix of instruments compliment one another. Great for film/tv.

Prety composition and arrangement, with guitars playing memorable hook. Good stuff.

Great piece, one of my favorites on here thus far.

I like what I am hearing. This is a very cohesive piece, Bob. Nice work!

they never have all the right options on those selection sheets. Anyway, first? where did you get this extended review page? I've never seen one before?
the song> I liked it a lot , well done, Very Nostalgic, I wish that was a concept or feeling choice.
It would be great as background for a scene but as a theme song my only concern is that the melody is pretty slow and doesn't really hold together in the mind. Its pleasant to listen to but the pace keeps it from being memorable. I think you have to have a stickier melody for a theme song , something not too long or complicated that the listener can keep humming in their head after the song is done. Thats just my opinion but I think would agreed upon by many. Its a great song, full of emotion , sounds contemporary yet nostalgic, sweet but sad, just needs a more memorable hook melody. I could write about 100 to the song its a blank slate. perfect for the task.

Absolutely stunning my friend!!!

You had me from the opening note! Really good, Bob! *****

Music Bob Bentley Producer Bob Bentley
Performance Bob Bentley

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