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Baseball is like comfort food to me. Growing up in the '50's, it seemed like there was always a ball game on. My dad would listen as he did the weekend projects around the house. We lived in Brooklyn, so naturally we were Dodger fans. In those days they would often make it to the World Series only to be beaten by the hated Yankees. To this day, I dislike pinstripes. But as a young lad, I loved the Dodgers. Back then, we had heroes, and mine was the slugging center fielder Duke Snider (#4). Now and then, my Dad would take me to Ebbets field to see a game in person. Mom would always make egg salad sandwiches. Why egg salad? I have no idea. We never had it any other time. Maybe it was an ancient Biblical Law "When thou goest to the ballyard, thou shalt eat egg salad." Then in 1955, the unthinkable happened. The Dodgers finally beat the Yankees to win the World Series for the 1st time! Brooklyn went nuts! My heart was filled with joy and pride. And for the next few years, as I grew, so did my affection for the home team. But 2 years later, the unthinkable happened again! Only this time, it was horrible! Dem Bums were leaving! Moving to California! Again Brooklyn went nuts! Only this time, it was angst. For me, it was like losing my first love. No wait! It WAS losing my first love. I was unable to trust another team. Decades later, still wary of commitment, I began to yearn for the sound of baseball in the background as I did the weekend projects around the house. If no one was home, I'd guiltily watch a few innings on TV. Once I even watched part of a game in public - though I don't think anyone saw me. Before long I began following the San Francisco Giants and, gasp, actually caring about how they did! Now, in a fully committed relationship, I watch most games on TV and go to 8 or 10 each year. Best of all, this mature love gives me a 2nd reason to enthusiastically root against our biggest rival - the hated Dodgers!!! Baseball is like comfort food to me.

Song Description

This song tells the true story of a boy growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950's. It's about the joy of 1st love and the heartbreak of losing it. It's about reflection, renewal and redemption. It's even got a humorous, surprise ending! Oh, yeah, it's also about Baseball.

Song Length 4:26 Genre Folk - Americana, Rock - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Glad, Charming Subject Athlete, Sports, History, Past
Similar Artists Paul Simon, Steely Dan Language English
Era 2000 and later


When I was a little kid, we lived in Brooklyn

I was a Dodger fan. They were my heroes.

They'd often win the pennant, then lose the world series to the Yankees.

I still get cranky - when I get around pin stripes.

But in '55, they came alive - got the big win.

Kicked Yankee butts and the fans went nuts - in Brooklyn.

But in just two years the cheers turned to tears as the news came down.

Dem Bums were leaving town.

We'd love to stay here - but we just can't make it pay here. So I'm sorry to inform ya -

We're goin' to where it's sunny - gonna make more money - in southern California

I'll never love another team - said the broken hearted boy.

You'll only gain big league pain - where there should be fun and joy.

Short instrumental bridge

Well, the years go by and somehow I become a grown up

Then a whole hunk of life happened - wound up in San Francisco.

There I met my wife - we built our life - no more wishin'

We had us a good old time - but something was missing.

Well the missing link, comes I think, from when we were small.

In the background, we'd often hear the sounds of baseball.

The crack of the bat - the roar of the crowd - the play by play

still resonates today.

We're comin' back - comin' back to baseball

We're back on track - getting' on back to baseball

Yeah, we're comin' back - comin' back to baseball

We're friends again - that good old game of baseball

Now the Giants are the home team - made them our own team

They're the ones we root for.

We go to games - call the umpire names - we holler and we hoot for.

And our biggest rivals are the Dodgers - so ironic yet so nice.

The burned me bad when I was a lad

And now I get to hate them twice.

Crowd chants - "Beat LA, Beat LA, Beat LA........ "

Lyrics Alan Babbitt Music Alan Babbitt
Producer Alan Babbitt Publisher Alan Babbitt
Performance Alan Babbitt
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