A Soldier

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to reach out to fellow military members and tell a story from a few of their perspectives as I have had to deal with some of the issues in the song.

Song Description

A soldier's feelings before, during, and after a deployment.

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing, Stressed Subject War, Patriotic
Language English Era 2000 and later


I got my orders to deploy, and all of my gear, so I'm packing it up.
Talked all this shit about what I would do now, it's time to be backin it up.
I told my family that I'm going on a mission
I said I'll miss 'em but miss me with that extra huggin and kissing.
No need for all of that I'll be back before you know it.
They said if I have emotions they sure wish that I would show it.
You know I love y'all but this is what I signed up to do.
I'm a protector if there's a threat to the red, white, and blue.
I receive all the well-wishes and say my goodbyes
as I try not to look into my wife's eyes as she cries.
I'm not feeling like seeing that right before I leave.
My flag is the only emotion I wear on my sleeve.
I'm a soldier. Trained and conditioned by the best
I'll be damned if tears will be what penetrates my vest.
So, I'm off in a C-17 headed overseas
to show the enemies how I live and breathe the soldier's creed.

(I will never accept defeat. I will never quit.
Never leave a fallen comrade, even when I take a hit!
Trained and proficient in my tasks and drills
and I will complete the mission 'til all of my blood is spilled.
I'm a soldier, warrior, and a member of a team.
I deploy, engage, and destroy my enemies.
I'm a soldier in the world's greatest military.
Beneath the American flag is where I should be buried).

(Verse 2):

As soon as we land, I get this feeling in my gut
that I'm no longer invincible and I can be touched.
I control my anxieties but that doesn't mean they don't exist.
I turn my fear into focus and my afraid into assist.
As I settle in I can't help but think about home.
Will I survive or will my wife get that dreadful call on the phone?!
What about my kids? Naa! Can't think about that now!
Come on! Get my mind back on my mission, somehow!
There we go! I got my target and the green light to engage.
I never thought I would get such a rush performing on this stage!
But, the threat is real so you have to kill with no hesitation.
You can't emulate this degree of realness in simulation.
They can't wait to get the step on me but they gon die first!
Ain't no safety from my weapon it's either "semi" or "burst"!
And I'm sending you to the other side...ready or not!
Never been good at anything else, I guess I'm a soldier savant!
(Verse 3):
So, now what do I do whenever I'm at home?
My family's lifestyle has become so much different from my own.
I'm trying to reintegrate and just act like I'm fine.
But, in my heart of hearts, I know that they can tell that I'm lying.
Every day, for me, I struggle in this society.
I'm thinking that everyone is secretly trying to spy on me.
I'm snapping at my kids 'cause I have zero tolerance.
Conversations with my wife end when we're both hollering.
Don't think I'll never get right with this post traumatic stress.
I go to sleep every night but I never get any rest.
God help me! Please relieve me of this anger!
Put me in a better place so my family won't be in danger!
I should've been patient and carefully worded my wish
because as soon I started getting used to my wife's kiss
I get an email from my First sergeant. What the hell is this?
Another deployment coming up and my name is on the list.

Flava Hype's "A Soldier" is a great motivational record. He did a good job of telling his story, expressing his feelings and what he stands for on this record.

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