Street Machines

Story Behind The Song

I wrote a song about a fictitious car club, got the name from Diamond Star, the local auto plant at the time. Had a blast writing it

Song Description

Diamond City Street Machines Everybody watches our show Gotta make it to that scene Feelin high and ridin low

Song Length 4:28 Genre Blues - Delta, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Frantic, Aggressive Subject Masculinity, Danger
Similar Artists Creedence Clearwater Revival, ZZ Top Language No Language
Era 1970 - 1979

Well done to the writer of this track. Very interesting and great guitar. :)

Great song. Excellent recording!! Love the guitars!!

Good guitar work. Recorded and arranged well.

nice guitars, the song has a good start, very good feeling - a bit like ZZ Top.

Great guitar riffs.

guitarist is good enjoyed

Nicely played and delivered!!!
Well recorded...
Would make a nice road interlude for a movie or TV show

LOVE this music!! WOW!!

Some talented chops on that guitar playing for sure. If there's a vocal version also, i'd love to hear it. Very well put together.

What a cool song! Nice groove, very good guitar playing. Like it very much!

Catchy well done song, sounds like it could be an opening theme for a southern cop drama.

Love that guitar riff that kicks off the song!! Nice driving beat, def grabs your attention. The playing is stellar on every instrument!! sound quality is top notch.

Very impressive; great guitar solo, well balanced musically.

This drummer is god. Nice to hear a twelve bar with a new chorus.

Always a pleasure to listen to a tight band with a great song. I am not really familiar with this genre, but you guys sound terrific and authentic to me. Great lead guitar player, rhythm guitar sounds groovy and drummer is excellent.

Lyrics Michael Casali Music Michael Casali
Producer Michael Casali Publisher Michael Casali
Performance Michael Casali
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