Story Behind The Song

it all starts from a positive mood, feeling like you need your moment of glory, you can touch the ground and rise again, that's the moment of your revenge, there's not anger, just positive vibes, hope you can catch the feeling.

Song Description

starting with a drum fill getting into a powerful rhytm guitar sound with some organ playing a melodic line, getting then into the chorus, full of rich powerful hard rock guitars, a bit of pause with some kick and crunch guitars to get into a dirty guitar solo, then chorus again. all guitars are real guitars, no plugins, just a damn good bogner ecstasy playing loud!

Song Length 2:38 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Subject Determination, Racing Similar Artists buckcherry, Aerosmith
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

Max Quaini is quickly developing a unique style based on original catchy memorable melodic themes. He has the talent and skill to be a guitar virtuoso who will leave his mark in the music world.

Music max quaini Producer max quaini
Publisher max quaini Performance max quaini
Label max quaini
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