Song Description

This is about the loss of a loved one and facing the nights alone in an empty house.

Song Length 4:19 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Gloomy Subject Lost Love, Doom
Language English Era 2000 and later


All of your pictures still hang on these walls.
I doubt if they'll ever come down.
I've turned up the heat in all of these halls
But there's just no warmth to be found.

And in every room I enter
There's something that puts me in mind
Of something you did or something you said
Which once again leads me to find:

That it's a cold lonely house without you
No one dare even call this a home.
'Cause though the structure is sound
It all crashes down
When I face these nights on my own.

All these colors have faded-faded to gray
Matching the darkness and gloom.
The hours and minutes just saunter away
And chill every inch of this room.

And all I can do is wonder
'Cause I don't know what we might find.
But somehow, somewhere will we meet again
Or is this the end of that line?

It's a cold lonely house without you
No one dare even call this a home
'Cause though the structure is sound
It all crashes down
When I face these nights on my own.

They say all that happens is part of the plan
And I know they did all they could do
But small consolation is that to a man
Who feels like his whole world is through.

It's a cold lonely house without you.
No one dare even call this a home.
'Cause though the structure is sound
It all crashes down
When I face these nights without you.

Well done. I don't like country but this was nice

Like the way the artist begins & then ends the song. It fit the song well & was well thought out.

Fantastic country song. Brilliant lyrics with a voice that delivers them well. This son definitely has hit potential! Keep up the great work!

Beautiful and touching...

Solid background arrangement. Great balance of voice and instrumentation.

Vocals stellar, love the sweet harmonies in the prechorus and chorus, perfect mix. Really emotes, lyrics paint a vibrant picture. Keep your band. Song has a nice shape to it, that chorus really is the star.

This is a great song. It's moving and full of emotion.

I love the feel and the steel is great. The trem guitar is perfect for the groove.

Great lyrical content drives this country tune. Well sung with appropriate instrumentation. The emotions of the singer match the the story. Well done

Great waltz, awesome lyrics/concept

Love the acoustic guitar. Nice vocal tone. Nice harmonies as well.

Good emotional track it's nice to hear

Excellent work, very well written and performed. A classic country fee vibe. Passionate and full.

The hooks is very strong and pulls you into the story quite nicely. The melody of this song is great and the singer does a wonderful job expressing the sentiments of the message.

I think it has a lot of commercial potential, as the lyrics are something most everyone can relate to Beyond that, it's well-written and sounds like something you would hear on today's country radio.

You get some real credit for finding a way to stand out in a sometimes confining and defining genre. The song has a momentum of its own though and soon you listening to it rather than debating the genre. Great vocals, drums, and guitars.

I like the Country Sound and how the song starts. I love the steel guitar and the rhythm and lead guitar. The lyrics are really good, I do like the vocals as well, sounds a little like Bill Anderson. Well recorded Country song.

nice easy feeling, good vocals, nice rhythm, good background instrumetation

I like the theme of this song. The vocal reminded me a little of Band of Horses, although it's a slightly different genre. Also very well recorded! Great job!

Nice slow Country ballad in a more traditional style. Well done.

Nice performance; great feel overall. Good job on the arrangement. It builds slowly and really works well when the bass kicks in. Dropping the band at the end was a great idea.

Very artistic poetic text in the romantic touching waltz. The song would fit in a movie or TV series. The chorus melody is memorable, it has a beautiful structure.

A most enjoyable listen , and I'm hard to please !

Excellent story and layout

Great country song! Has alot of potential, Great beer drinkin song Clint Black sound, 90's Country

Standard broken heart story interestingly told and well sung. Well constructed. Solid arrangement. Change at 3:15 going to outro clinches it. Pro effort amply in evidence here. Radio folks may not feature this (they're funny like that), but this is certainly a very fine deep album cut.

Though the production needs some improvement, the melody and lyrics as well as the just plain HONEST song writing sticks with me! Old fashioned traditional country, but BETTER! i like this allot.

Excellent production value of all of the instrumentation and voicing. Some very good chording changes throughout this piece (eg. at 57 seconds).

Starting sound got my attention.
Top singer gives feeling of the Lyric with emotion and belief!
Instruments and music add support to the song and do not take over.
The Lyric was pleasant and clear and the chorus was something to look forward to again in the song,
Definitely one for my Playlist!
Definitely five stars from me!

I don't give out too many perfect scores but giving anything else would have been wrong of me for such a well crafted and performed song. A lozenge for the ears and soul. Great stuff... Bravo!!!!

I love this song.... I feel the pain... This song Will find a home

Love the soft guitar strumming and soulful vocals in the verses. Thought the production and performances top notch, pro. Good song structure and I like the final chorus at end that is contrasted from the other choruses

Very pleasant listen, and nicely done country-waltz. Good lyrics, and the vocals are a particular high point with great pitch, control and phrasing.

The backing instrumentation is solid, tasteful and well-executed -- though I longed to hear it "break out" a bit more at times.

Nice change up in the progression for the middle section into that big breakdown to the last verse... took it right to the limit, and it seems to work well.

All in all, very good work, and I enjoyed it!!

very well done, it's not my favorite genre, but there are (is a) musician(s) at work. There is a lot of feeling within this song. I really like to listen to it. The third time!! The instrument are well played, on the right place. The vocals: very present and you can believe them, they are in tune and authentic.

This is an exceptionally clean arrangement. The production value is very, very strong. I would be shocked if this wouldn't get picked up for commercial use. The text is strong, as I love the image of the cold house. It resonates. The singing is fluid and very much in tune. There is nothing musically that is not working in terms of intonation and arrangement and feel. The word "clean" is what I keep coming back to. The musicianship is extremely strong overall, and I can tell I'm listening to pros.

Excellent lyrics with a strong theme and story. Great vocal. The singer really sells the song and good use of harmonies, which are in just the right places. Lovely guitars. I like the way the instruments are pulled back at 3.43; that is a nice touch. The sound quality is excellent. The song is worthy of The Eagles.

Great song with a good story! You can feel the sadness of the song and the reality of the story it is very relatable. That's what makes a great song how people can relate to the song.

the general idea and premise of this song is excellent. I think the recording is very good, and arrangement as well. I think what is holding this song back is the production of the song, and the way its mixed. Its really stripped down, which is great, but each part i feel needs to be delivered more authentically. A song can be stripped down, yet not be dull or boring. This song gets a bit dull. The vocal needs to be more upfront and project the feeling of the song more.

This is a great tune! Check all the boxes for me. Well done guys!!

Great acoustic guitar tone. Everything in the mix is balanced well. I really enjoyed the ending chorus, stripping away most of the instrumentation and finishing with just the guitar really added to the "sadness" feel of the song. Well done

Perfect voice for this song. Very traditional in its sound, presentation and feel. The harmonies were also just the right fit. While it's hard to maintain continuity on such a slow waltz this one manages to keep the motion moving along.

NICE i dont usely listen to country music but i must say this was a nice start..Thanks

Every now and then something cool pops up here and this is that time. Great job! It's all good! I'd suspect Rodney Crowell would love this.

I love this song! It brought tears to my eyes, and that's saying something. I do have an ex-wife; I'm on my own now so...there's the emotion. You hit me between the eyes.

The vocal lead was excellent. The instruments were spot on.
I really like the arrangement. The dynamics were excellent. The guitar? Great. Pedal Steel? Great. Harmonies? Spot on. The way the song builds? Excellent. The soft ending? Well done.

An Excellent piece of work...good luck.

Steel guitar chops would sound good harmonica chops in between

Excellent vocals and authentic instrumentals in this story-telling tune. A touch of loss and sadness, mixed with warmth make this a perfect country song!

I've heard a lot of "she's gone" songs on Broadjam, but this one just climbed to number one in my mental chart. There's something about the lyrics, the story that is so real, it just grabs the listener at the beginning, garners a huge amount of sympathy that only increases to the end. The lyric writing is stellar. My favorite: Though the structure is sound, it all crashes down". Powerful! You can almost feel the cold as the singer tells the story with a crystal clear vocal.

All these colors have faded-faded to gray
Matching the darkness and gloom.
The hours and minutes just saunter away
And chill every inch of this room.

This whole verse is fantastic. Love the use of the word saunter. Very creative and effective.

Instrumentation is simple, but appropriate and I love the place where it kicks back in the final verse. Great harmonies!

This is absolutely a Perfect Traditional Country Tune!! Killer instrumentation, great story line, Great vocalist. This sounds like the terrific music from the 70's, 80's maybe even the Mid 50's and that's that great era of Country Music for me!! None of that Hat Singer's stuff!! The Real Deal, honest songs with incredible realism!!

i like the easy laid back cadence of this song. I think thats a old Gibson guitar which sounds great! Steel is a nice touch and played very tasteful

"Cold Lonely House" might be the perfect song you hope you NEVER have to identify with: the loss of a loved one - and the emptiness one would feel thereafter. Excellent vocals, lyrics, production, and melody creates a one-of-a-kind, very unique song that is dripping with detail, describing exactly what it must feel like to lose someone close to you where every mundane detail in life - is now dreadful - because that person is gone. Well done. A+ overall.

Well-sung, gorgeous throwback country ballad about the heartache of a lonely house, sung with conviction and written with a storytelling heart.

Producer STEPHEN ANTONELLI Performance S. Antonelli Vocals by Samuel MacGregor
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West Virginia #1
Country - Traditional #4
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