Fire Loves Wind

Song Length 3:20 Genre Blues - Country, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Bad Love, Dysfunctional Relations Similar Artists Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert
Language English Era 2000 and later


By Adam Avery & Nicolas Farmakalidas

Morning light creeps through the window
Wide-awake but can't let him know
Grab my boots and tiptoe out the room
Left behind's a pile of ashes
When the smoke clears all I'll have is
More regrets I can't forget
When will I ever learn?

Told myself that this would be the end
Swore I'd never wake up here again
All my best intentions and solemn vows
Go up in smoke whenever he's around

Fire loves wind like I love him no matter how much I pretend
Can't camouflage this sabotage it just is what it is
Fire loves wind like I love him two things that should never mix
When he fans my flame it's more of the same
I burn it all down again
I love him... like fire loves wind

Drove to his place to put an end to this
Make believe relationship
Tell him I can't do this anymore
Tried to stay clear of the stairs
Didn't wanna follow him up there
But he took my hand, and I'll be damned
If I didn't ask for more


My momma always told me don't start what you can't end
But she ain't never felt a breeze quit like him


Lyrics Adam Avery Music Adam Avery & Nicolas Farmakalidas
Producer Beard Studios Performance Tania Hancheroff

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