Metropolitan - Marcia Worthington vocal

Song Description

Written by our drummer, Lenny Kirschner, a protege of Grammy award nominee, Pierce Pettis

Song Length 2:52 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Pleased


I'm keeping on the move
moving all the time
forty-five yards from the Boulevard
forty-five seconds from the freeway sign
There is no exposure
If you never stop
moving with the beat of city traffic
past the downtown shops

The river, boats and bridges
that never seem to sleep
Houses from the first World War
That somehow earn their keep
The smell of hot dog vendors
and Bento on the street
Mix with the scent of human sweat
the perfume bitter-sweet

I hear the sound of music
it's mixed in the siren's wail
Sometimes the good guys win
and justice does prevail
Sometimes a honking horn
is drown out by a smile
Sometimes we pull together
and do the thing with style

I'm so Metropolitan
I wake up to the fanfare of the street
So Metropolitan
I see the heat waves dancing
off the concrete
So Metropolitan
Night lights reflecting off my eyes
So Metropolitan
The action and attraction
twice its size

The vocals on this cut are perfect. What a great sound! I really like the song - great melody. I think it has a great sound, and I can hear it doing well with many opportunities.

Lyrics Lenny Kirschner Music Lenny Kirschner - Marcia Worthington
Producer Lenny Kirschner Publisher N/A
Performance Marcia Worthington Label N/A
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