Small Town Affair-Marcia Worthington Vocal with Guitar Break

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by a wedding reception in a small Michigan town.

Song Description

Inspired by a wedding reception in a small Michigan town, it tells the story of the celebration and the spark of courtship by two youngsters.

Song Length 2:39 Genre Rock - Classic, Folk - Bluegrass
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, In High Spirits Subject Joy, Celebration
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


At a small town affair, Uncle Frank is always there
laughing 'till the tears fall from his eyes.
dancing to a mystery tune, in celebration of the moon
you know it must be shining full tonight.
to n-i-i-i-i-ght

Here comes Sally and cousin Sue, you know they both know what to do,
when uncle Charlie starts to spin a tale,
grab his corn cob run like hell, through the maze and through the dell,
laughing 'till the tears fall from their eyes.
Surpr-i-i-i-i-ze HEY!
Lead break
At the barn dance things get hot, Kate puts Wiliam on the spot,
do you love me do you love me not?
Billie answers with a wink, Katy doesn't need to think,
the answer is the love light in his eyes.
his e-y-y-y-y-es HEY!
Lead break
At a small town affair, everyone is always there, dancing and a celebratin' life
there goes Billy and cousin Kate, running through the garden gate,
beamin' with the love light in their eyes.
their e-y-y-y-y-es HEY!

Weird, wild and wonderful - The Pursuit from the Original Wilson Mower Pursuit Detroit pull out all the stops on this crazy ride inspired by a small town wedding run amok.

I like the duet vocal. I like a lot of aspects of this song. There is a lot of interesting sounds going on and I love that the song doesn't strictly adhere to any format. An original sound. Nce work.

Lyrics Robert Burwell Music Robert Burwell
Producer Robert Burwell Publisher Eddie C
Performance Robeert Burwell Label N/A
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