The Sticky Notes (MOTS exclusive)

Story Behind The Song

Having myself an issue with short term memory loss, I am sticky note addicted. This track comes right out of the NIMD (NotaBene Institute of Mental Disorder), Quebec, Sainte Anne des Plaines. WARNING, it is contagious...

Song Description

Crazy track, a delirium on the dance floor.

Song Length 2:20 Genre Electronic - House
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood Frenetic Subject Sanity/Insanity
Similar Artists Scissor Sisters Language English


A Sticky Note is a reminder that sticks to your brain

So you dont forget.

Lyrics Thierry Coupey Music Thierry Coupey
Producer Thierry Coupey Publisher Thierry Coupey
Performance Thierry Coupey

The Sticky Notes

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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