Try A Little Tenderness (feat. Courtney Blacklock)

Story Behind The Song

Cover of an old classic.Songwriters are Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly and Harry M. Woods. . Actually written in 1932. aour version is borrowed from Etta James. Delaine Blacklock (aka Courtney) on vocals, Don Tucker on guitars.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Blues - Country, Pop - Easy Listening
Similar Artists Etta James

Beautiful Blues tune! Vocal matches the tone of the song! Great guitar
work! A well-balance production that scores well on many levels. Wll done!

Really good, soulful piece with really good arrangement and instrumentation and very soothing and pleasing vocals.

one of my ALL time Fave Soul tunes and certainly Otis's finest.

Lyrics Campbell,Connelly, Woods Music Campbell, Connelly, Woods
Producer Donovan Tucker Performance Courtney Blacklock vocals Don Tucker , guitars.
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