A Dog's Life

Story Behind The Song

100% of sales from this song benefits Rescue Road, an org that rescues dogs on kill lists , fosters them, then re-homes them to loving families

Song Description

I wrote this this in "first dog tense" , imagining what a day might look from a dog's perspective , if that dog had a sense of humor. For my shitzu, Sophie.

Song Length 3:03 Genre Blues - Country, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Cheerful Subject Dogs, Pets
Similar Artists Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson Language English
Era 2000 and later


Copyright 2012 Donovan Tucker It's a Dog's Life

I like to bark Howl at the moon
Go to the park Sleep all afternoon
I got it made , made in the shade
Cause I live a dog's life

I've got some habits I know I should change
I drink from the toilet When you look away
I run like a greyhound when you tell me to stay
But hey - that's a dog's life

I love taking rides except for that trip
You took me to the doctor
I wound up getting fixed
What were you thinking ? Man , that really hurt
That ain't no dog's life


Sometimes I dream I'm on the beach
Somebody lets me off my leash
I get to run and splash around with other dogs
Ill chase a bird until it flies
I'll stare a cat right in the eye
At least until he shows me his claws

My favorite movie is Turner & Hooch
But I can't watch Ol Yeller
They shoot the poor pooch
And that dog who played Lassie - was really a dude
I guess that's a dog's life (solo)

My head out the car window
My hair in the breeze
A roll in the grass , a chew toy that squeaks
These are a few of my favorite things
That make up a dog's life

I don't like sweaters - , I don't like baths But I love my human - no strings attached
He fills my food bowl Scratches my back
Yeah that's a dog's life
I gotta go now , time for my nap
Cause I live a dog's life

wow, Just great, good song, great PERFORMANCE, a real pro!

Great story! You guys are good, sounds like a very fun band! Keep it up.

Nice work. Reminded me of Brad Paisley. Nice presentation. Nice guitar solo work.

Nailed it! Great stuff. Loving the "lazy dog" feel and lyrically spot on. The humour is great. My dog would agree with your sentiment ;-)) The simple arrangment works perfectly. Good job.
I like it !!

I LOVE this - would make a great ad song . Brilliant lyrics

Just love this tune! Anyone with a dog can relate to these clever lyrics. Well sung, played and recorded.

I really like the originality of this song. The vocal is nice and the instrumentation is very good. The recording quality is excellent.

HA HA HA!--I LOVE IT!--would be a great one to do live--might go great on country radio--pretty good writing etc...thanxs--joe

Yes really great work.......very amusing lyrics......clever work......

Lyrics Donovan Tucker Music Donovan Tucker
Producer Jay Speight - acousticvocal.com Publisher Famous Faces Music (BMI)
Performance Jay Speight vocal , Don Tucker guitar solo Label Sophie's Choice Music.
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