Save The World

Song Description

This song is about deriving strength from the people closest to you so that you may pass it on to others in need and save the world....

Song Length 3:54 Genre Folk - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Peaceful Language English


Save The World Words & Music by Mitch Siegal 10-10-10

I the world...then someday...get the girl....
All the powers that I possess...never guaranteed success...
But I'll will ...

Heroes come in all disguises...some with belts and cool devises...
But not... me...

I'm in..vincable sadness the world...
Some would say my super power...could save the world in its last hour...
So lets... see ...

Heroes come in all disguises...shapes and forms that would surprise us...
But not me...


Anyone of us could have this, super power of hap..pi..ness,
If all you ever did was show you care ...
Mirrors on the wall deceive me...what's inside is more than we can...see

Barefoot over hot coals I would walk to see your pretty face and smile...
Then I'd have the strength god gave me ...Hold you in my arms and save the world...

Fly around the clouds at night time, drifting gently through,
The sandman's fortresses of rest and solitude...
Bad guys wouldn't stand a chance, if only I was sure you loved me...too

Barefoot over hot coals I would walk to see your pretty face and smile...
Then I'd have the strength god gave me ...
Hold you in my arms and save the world...

I would have the strength god gave me ...Hold you in my arms and save the world...

refreshing enjoyed it

Very cool feel and vibe to this song. The singers voice is very pleasing. Well thought out and well arranged. This is just a wonderful little song. I really like the way the piano moves and weaves through out the melody. Deep and meaning full lyrics. Great song thanks for sharing it

The melody is a nice catchy tune that sticks in your mind, and the guitars back it up well. The voice reminded me of Donovan. The lyrics reminded me of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love", especially where you say you would walk over hot coals and that you'd have the strength God gave you. I really like your use of double-rhyme words like disguises and devices.

You have crafted a terrific melody. The lyrics take the "I can do anything if I could just have the girl" theme and say it in a unique way. Great use of keyboards, all other instrumentation, vocals, studio work, work beautifully. The bridge is a nice break and give extra interest.

Good instrumentation and vocals. Good lyrics too. Great odds for placements

This is such an innovative song!! Wonderful, creative, fresh lyric! Music is really pretty the rhythmic effect of the two notes bouncing back and forth! Vocal is gorgeous! The song is a pleasure to listen to!! Curious if the acoustic guitar is live or sampled?

This is a good song and the mix is really good I love the clarity and intimacy of the vocals

I believe I've reviewed this track previously on broadjam. Suffice to say this is one of the most well written, produced, performed songs on all of broadjam. Amazingly well done. Fabulous mood, incredibly well orchestrated musical accompaniment.

i love the record vibe in the beginning....this is great....excellent intro..
every aspect is deadly....

Really nice melody, very natural sounding and lyrically artistic. Song comes across as someone who cares about what is being sung!

Reminded me of early Art Garfunkel. A good theme for the song with well thought out lyrics and sung well with what I call a modern folk voice which was delivered gently and with feeling.

Melody is catchy and I took a second listen and the song and feel grew more on me.

Cool song. I like the concept. Very original. I really liked it.

Sounds Great I like the style and nice voice. I can see this on a TV commercial. Pretty guitar love the acoustic music.
Submit this to Pandora Radio good possibility it will get excepted or if you did it good for you !!

Beautiful melody done justice by a great restrained vocal. The whole arrangement is simple and spare, but effective. The melody and rhythm sustain interest even at the moderate tempo. All the instruments are well played. Seems radio friendly

Love the vocal delivery and the simple guitar part. good lyrics too.

I really really like this song. It's so different, and so fun in an understated way. It's a Hero Song and the Hero is a man on a mission. As soon as he gets the girl (or maybe even before), he's out to celebrate happiness and all the good vibes in life, not letting the sadness defeat him as he soars through the night sky, no cape needed. Walking barefoot on hot coals, he seeks his true love on the other side...what a guy! I like the reference to "The strength God gave me." Obviously, how could this super-hero continue without that? Even though the production is simple, the recording is clear and I understood every word.

I was pleasantly surprised with much of this recording as you can tell by Excellent and near Excellent marks. Im far more eager to explain my criticism as that's what stands in the way of my judging this a knockout. The overall sound is strong and very listenable. Even though the track is extremely repetitive, it wears well. It's mesmerizing. Thats meant as a positive.

As for a market I can see this over a melancholy moment for the romantic lead in a film. Nice vocal with it's gentle almost whispering quality. Lyrics are fab; some of the best I've heard, clever use of 'superhero,' terms to demonstrate emotion. Guitar makes a nice melody. Reminds me a little of 'Cars,' by Snow Patrol. Definitely something I'd happily have on my MP3 player.

This song is welcoming and warm. It has a folk rock appeal to it. The recording is perfect not to loud, and your vocals are clean. The lyrics are catchy with some hooks and runs. Over all a great little folk rock ballad.

a very indie sounding folk/rock track. really good song liked the vocals style and the acoustic guitar style that runs through the track. would be very powerful with a more commercial backing midway
enjoyed it

Love the song, the vocals and the lyrics

Nice concept and nice delivery of an intimate song. I enjoyed listening to it!

Just a perfect little song with a perfectly serious message. Has the feel of a love song but is much more than that...kind of a pay it forward message methinks...whispering vocal is really a nice touch.

Really nice song. Strong vocal. Very atmospheric. Lovely guitar picking. A melodic and compelling song.

This is a really good song i liked the style and the lyrical theme. would sound even better rocked up mid way.
cool song.

I really like the simplicity of this recording. Nice message.

I loved it from the very start!! Very good work!!

I really like the lyrics, vocal and overall style and vibe of this song, very catchy hook and endearing lyrics - very contemporary, would be great for drama/film soundtrack.

For being sung softly I could understand all your words...What a good thing that is.

Exceptionally well done. Obviously put together by authentic artist at work. I love everything about it - extremely well written and composed, fantastic vocals, high production values - a winner in every respect.

Nice soft vocals. Good instruments. I like this. The background builds up real nice.

Really nice song. Just grooves along and sometimes thats the best thing.

Loved the old record scratching opening...fabulous. Great simple style and sensitive soft vocal style. Less is more! Love to hear this music bed behind "Smallville".

Lyrics Mitch Siegal Music Mitch Siegal
Producer Mitch Siegal Publisher Mitch Siegal
Performance Mitch Siegal Label Mitch Siegal
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