Midnight Encounter

Song Description

accoustic guitar - soft horns - very calming, easy to get into

Song Length 3:31 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Classical - Classical
Mood Serene, Relaxed

Nice sounds and a smooth feel. The melody has a familiar sound while maintaining a nice freshness. Pretty chords and progression, happy feeling and easy to listen to. :-) Nice blend between the flute and pad. Really nice guitar sound! reminds me a little bit of "Last Train Home' by Pat Metheny. Good accompaniment on the guitar. Very pleasing B section. The trumpet adds a nice quality. Very good music.

Smooth Jazz?? Nice Job. Great guitar work. Nice choice for lead instrument, and it's played nice and easy on the ears. All other instrumentation is great and well arranged.

It's smooth as it can get.
Quality of the sound is absolutely professional.
Soft pedals, short leaks, dense textures, rich instrumentation and harmonies are just beautiful.
What a pleasure!
Thank you.

Very nice recording. Very clean, and the arrangement is awesome!! Job well done!!

Love it!

Your music is soothing and makes me smile.
I've just watched a scary film but listening to your music
has reminded me how beautiful the world is.
I will sleep much better tonight now thank you :)


Music Penny Lea & Buzz Smith Producer Penny Lea
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