Baby I'm Alive

Story Behind The Song

I had a breakup with someone who I was in a realtionship with for 6 years. We stareted of as good freiends. After a few years and we were not going anywhere - she decided to call it quits "goodbye text" which I refer to. She was interested in someone else who was the catalyst for her decision to move on. But I landed on feet after being hear broken and depressed (medicated) This new relationship has brough me back to life.

Song Description

Bad Breakup that turns good after meeting someone who took me to a higher level of love and devotion.

Song Length 5:07 Genre R & B - Soul, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Cool, Glad
Subject Relationship, Joy Similar Artists Babyface, Justin Timberlake
Language English Era 2000 and later


Baby I'm Alive

Baby I'm Alive I'm Alive Baby I'm Alive
Baby I'm Alive I'm Alive Baby I'm Alive
Baby I'm Alive I'm Alive Baby you know I'm Alive for you

Baby I'm Alive I'm Alive Baby I'm Alive
Baby I'm Alive I'm Alive Baby I'm Alive
Baby I'm Alive I'm Alive you know I'd do right by you

I'm on top of a mountain
I'm really digging this scene
this new women I found has changed my luck
and love'n all over me
But it wasn't too long ago
I was bitter and left alone GOOD BYE text on my phone
I couldn't get a hold of my dis functional self
my baby left me suddenly for somebody else but ...
Never talked of commitments
Never had any plans
I must have been delirious enough
To think we'd ever last
And now you've gone but I'm not alone
I found a lover who suits me fine lets me know that she's mine
Don't want to go back to the places we've been
Cause I'm lovin this new place that I'm in...
Don't want to remember
But I still retain
The fondest memories of you
Still causes me pain
But thanks to her I am a better man
She's a lover who treats me fine lets me know all the time
That this new loving is right
Gives it to me every day every night

And she's given me the sense of mind
To leave - a broken heart behind
cause broken hearts can be so cold
And she's helped me to realize
I'll always - Breath -when she's by me side
And I'll never let her go

Lyrics Orlando Quinones Music Orlando Quinones
Producer Orlando Quinones & Rave Tesar Publisher Orlando Quinones
Performance Orlando Quinones Label Orlando Quinones
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