Song Description

Atmospheric with stings in the beginning, later moving into a progressive rock groove. Rock guitar, sound fx and surprises!

Song Length 2:59 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, New Age - Progressive
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Distressed, Sadistic Similar Artists Moby, Nine Inch Nails
Era 2000 and later

The descending progression give this a feeling of vast space and depth. The break at 1:10 catapults you to a whole-nother place! The guitar lead with Mixolydian and Dorian seasoned in over the cool driving rhythm groove is an exotic scene of action and/or drama. Very clever composition and piece.

Very strong track or actually kind of three tracks even though the flowed well from one to another. Nice choice of sonic textures and powerful guitar work.

Probably the best kind of thing to submit for opportunities looking for "all genres"

I feel the direction of everything about this piece, i see it in a scene in the movie "contact"
LC Team

Great guitar riffs. The second half of the track works well.

Nice ethereal opening, interesting chordal movement. Nice gentle performance; this really builds a nice mood. When the synthy stuff starts at 1:20, that's really cool. Totally catches the listener off guard.

Nice dream like intro into a Super funky riff and some really shredding guitar. I could see it being used in a lot of film contextx. Well done.

brought me from a smooth move to the edge of my seat nice job

I was having a good time in the beginning.......then forgot about the good time and began to have a great time......

Wow!Total surprise!!!! A mixture of genres. I like the Middle Eastern influence.

Great Work, really like your intro, and of course the shred guitar part! You have a new fan.
Your samples sound great too.

Adventurous sounding music that can easily be used as soundtrack for movies or TV. It tells a story all by itself with romance and excitement already there. Nice melodies. Great playing.

wow, very unique, I was not expecting the transition, very sci Fi, love it. great recording a little Zappa like

Liked the orchestral beginning more than when the rock thing came in. Nothing wrong with mixing the two together though. I did like the way that the first part evolved and would have liked to have heard more. Sounded like two different songs joined together.

Nice variety of instruments. Could be used in film/tv.

Wow, that was a wild ride!! Started out so sedate then took a head left. The guitar stuff was outstanding and what a unique tone. This is great stuff!

I like how you broke things up and didn't let get boring. But, that may cut down on the marketability of the song because the publishers/producers need music for specific scenes. If that is your desire. And you are all over the map.

Great work. Nice use of sounds. Fun Listen

During the first minute I felt as though I was at the gates of heaven, but then the song suddenly changed gears and it took on a new light metal vibe. It was a bit jarring at first, but somehow it all fits together perfectly in the end. The guitar performance is excellent and the extra instruments and sound effects make this song unique and stand on its own. Such a great masterpiece.

Didnt like it at first then you broke into that kiss @ss groove... wow that was very nice. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and hope to hear more

Nice work! Love this piece! The drums bring out an intense emotion and then the electric guitar really adds that extra edge. The intro was so peaceful, did not expect to be whisked off into so much drama, and then the ending is refreshing as it brings you back to reality.... This will do well in the film/tv industry. Well done!

Words that come to mind to describe part one of your song: Expansive, wide, wonder, light, mystery. It held my interest and sparked imagination. When part 2 kicked in, I was surprised. The lead guitar part was ... genius. Pretty amazing and skillfully played. Reminded me of India. I don't know how you guys come up with this stuff. The return to the "original planet" was a good way to end this creative piece.

Smooth, calm intro gets you all settled in. Then, like life itself, a quick change... Things getting hectic, life on the run, all those normal things that get in the way during the day. Great song that has a change that'll take your breath away. Not a second of anything dull here!

I write material like this myself. love it:)

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - Orbel Babayan
Label Gruvpig Music
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