Song Description

Heartbreak...all about liars.

Song Length 3:26 Genre R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heated Subject Heartbreak
Similar Artists Beyonce Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
I felt as empty as a band without a drum
And all that I could do was sit and suck my thumb
Had bags from here to Indonesia couldn't sleep
Those bags were filled with rotten eggs I couldn't eat
Started getting stronger
Opening up my eyes
Just realised I'm the reason your alive and I'm on
Fire fire fire
I feel the heat in me getting higher and higher
And you're a liar liar liar
You're just a lazy bum sitting in denial in the sun
Verse 2
So when I saw your cheap ass walking down the street
My ears my eyes my mind began to feel the heat
I wanted to beat and kick and scream I cannot lie
But said forget it cause you're not even worth my time
If our love was a game we'd be put to the test
You move to the right and I move to the left
You move to a groove and I do an arabesque
Every time you hit it smooth it's like bullets in my chest
Inhale exhale *breathe* like a bellow
Moving in and out so fast like barichello
Rubens, paint a pretty picture marinello
Are you yellow mellow are you a bad or a good fellow?
Hello wello looki what we have
A dirtified rag that the cat done dragged
Some certified crap that a crab wouldn't have
If you toasted it and roasted it and cut it in half yup
You make me laugh, You give me gas
My heart so broke that the valve collapsed
But I put in some fire, threw a little wire
Drove to the sun like a formula one
I didn't know just what do
With all of the things you put me through
You took me high and brought me low
I didn't know where I was gonna go
But I put in some fire I'm a little higher
Run you over with my Goodyear tire
Telephone wire, lost desire for you
Best believe I ain't crying for you

Lyrics Kgomotso 'KG' Tsatsi Music Kgomotso 'KG' Tsatsi
Producer Kgomotso 'KG' Tsatsi and Chris Bragg Publisher Black Honey Records
Performance KG Label Black Honey Records
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