Ga Ga (hard rock backing track)

Song Description

Nice hard rock melodic backing track perfect for...

Song Length 3:26 Genre Rock - Hard Rock
Era 2000 and later

Playing is great. Tones are great. Production is great. I like the melodic under currents that run through some parts. Tastefully done. Great work.

Really good, kickass sound with some really nice chord changes. Love the sudden transition just before the 2:20 mark. Excellent guitar and drum work.

Sounds like it could be in a driving video game or a trailer for a video game. Track sounds good, solid recording, the guitar solo is very well written and performed. Gives me Eagles vibes or other classic rock artists. Definitely sounds like a song you could put on when driving cross country. If it had a really great vocal this could be an anthem of sorts. Could definitely see it getting placed in movies or TV.

Really great driving rock tune!! The energy is great, and the song is immediately catchy! The playing is tight, and the production is right there!! This seems like a great candidate for the pitches for sports programming or action advertisements. GREAT STUFF!!!

I've only done about 15 reviews on broadjam but this is the second time Ive heard this one lol. Same review. I like it a lot.

Huge, clear sound right from the start. Big Guitars and a driving rhythm.

I like the sound of this song. Nice drive and nice gritty guitars. the arrangement is nice. The balance of the recording is very good!!!

Music Warren Hein Producer Warren Hein
Publisher Warren Hein Performance
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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