How They Have Grown (full instrumental)

Story Behind The Song

I wrote the first draft of this piece many years ago when our children were young. Now that they have grown so much and in very good ways, it was time to get serious. In my head for years as "finished", I worked hard with Alexander Orest, a producer I have worked with on some of my best instrumentals, to finally bring this legacy piece to life. Getting it "out there" from our head, just the way we "hear" it, is always all of our challenges. In all modesty, this time I succeeded.

Song Length 5:41 Genre Classical - Romantic, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Serene Subject Life, Pride
Similar Artists Tchaikovsky Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

A gentle piece with a warming Main Melody!
Unassuming support music in the background which does not take over but enhances. Nice progression of instruments and energy to a fuller and satisfying crescendo till the reflective ending. I could see this being used for a transition scene in a film for someone searching/ hoping / achieving something before reflection!

Quite. I love that. Nice feeling and develops slowly but builds nicely. Im glad to hear a change of keys in a different section which greatly expands the model that is introduced. Somebody wakes up the percussion!! ( hope they didn't have to count all that. Nice horn punctuation. Good retard at the end to finish.

A simple but gentle classical lullaby song so pleasing to the ear. It could be the background to any romantic film or TV show. It has a nice crescendo. I could listen to music like this all day. in a way I do I listen to Classic FM and this would be well suited that that radio channel. The Fiona drives the reduction of stress with the more complex orchestration building the song.

Beautiful composition and arrangement/

Wonderful stuff. This will he in a film. Also romantic commercials. There is something sad and poignant under the romance. You're tearing me up here.The strings are just light enough. I suppose someone might ask for a piano-only version if you have it. Also create 30 second and 60 second mixes. Many clients like that.

Lovely melodies, very good performance, cinematic.

This is a very soothing instrumental. It speaks of both subtlety and power. I love the melody; it seems to be familiar to my ears, yet also original enough to keep me wanting more. The intro was so quiet and endearing. I imagine a bride and a groom in rooms right next to each other. They are looking at their hands and trying to fight the nerves that they feel so strongly in their stomach. Eventually, they get up and go through the wedding ceremony. The song ends quiet, and the couple is sitting in the car on their way to their honeymoon. They stare into each other's eyes and come to the realization that they get to see those eyes every day for the rest of their life. This song would be so perfect for a wedding video, or even a movie or TV show where they only show parts of the ceremony and parts of the reception.

Music Warren Hein Producer Warren Hein/Alexander Orest
Publisher Warren Hein Performance Alexander Orest/WFH

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