Don't Go

Song Length 2:14 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking
Subject Long


Im your bird
im your girl
but i cant fly
across the world
and when
you stepped on the plane
were you remembering
what i had said
don't go
don't go
don't go
don't go home
no please dont go
but you did
right now i lie
in my
in my bed
the same one that
you slept
in yes,
in yesterday
and listened to the plea i made
don;t go
don;t go
don;t go
don't go home
no please don;t go
but you did
and now i just cant fucking sleep
cause i can smell you in my sheets
and it's more bitter than it's sweet now
cause these goodbyes are all i have
and i am running out of stamps
i am running out of stamps now
and this
every time
we pretend
there's no end
no end in sight
until the night
until the night
i beg and cry
don't go
don't go
don't go
dont go home
no no don't go
but you're not mine
don't please don't go
but you will

Lyrics Galia Arad Music Galia Arad
Producer Galia Arad Publisher Galia Arad
Performance Galia Arad
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