Cat Hackles Are Up/ Blues Rock

Song Length 2:37 Genre Blues - Rock

Very god recording and a nice idea

The guitar tone is nice, and the chords are generally interesting. Sounds a lot more like a "skeleton" of a song than an actual song.

Don't change a thing. Great market for this. I like that the melody line is done with chords.

Like the groove!

Chorused out guitars making a very interesing experimental blues track

Nice blues tune. Enjoyed it.

Nice intro with separation, and guitars on both sides. Sounds like a home recording. Good concept to be expanded upon. Keep working on it! I like the vibe.

Good sounding rhythm guitar and very cool sounding drums. I really like some of the riffs as well.

It has a good rhythm and beat. Sounds modern.

Very interesting blues vamp and riffs, well structured, the repetitive drums lurking below the surface add an interesting effect. Find the right soundtrack and this could fit.

pro - sweet sound of the guitar
contra- not very original

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