My Twin Joy

Song Length 2:46 Genre Country - Rock, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Ecstatic, On Cloud Nine Subject Love at First Sight, Falling in Love
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

Surprised to hear this under "Americana" as it has a direct Allman Brothers feel, probably closer to Classic Rock. Very pleasant listen with the dueling guitar harmonies. Well-balanced piece overall with solid playing and recording sound. I miss this music!

love the song, well played with great melodies. and great mood

Great energy in this track!! Such an exciting and pleasant groove! Bass is wonderful! All playing and production sounds great to me!. Guitar reminds me of Dickey Betts. VERY SWEEEEEET!!

This is a high energy explosion! Great guitar and piano work and great overall instrumentation. Awesome job!

Love the rhythm section/drums sound. Nice driving backdrop for the guitar work. Guitar and piano work was nice to give the song body. The piano comes out of nowhere as a nice surprise and takes over from the guitars, only to trade back again with the guitars. Easy listening for the ears.

Very good sound. I love the blend of strings and keyboards, as the keyboards seem to come in at the most appropriate time. Reminds me very much of something the Allman Brothers would have done. Great intro, and ending as well.

Very original, even if it does make me think of the Allman Brother's Jessica, but that's a compliment! Good musicianship, which could come from an ensemble or more likely a multi-tracked individual I suspect? Well arranged and produced. A memorable melody line which was really pleasing to the ear.

This song is very good. I like the twin guitar riffs. I also liked the shuffle beat of the drums. The bass did a really nice background for this song. The piano came in there really good. Nice touch!!!

This is a happy, upbeat tune. Nice mellow drums. Conga? The guitar work is clean. This is a catchy arrangement. When the piano comes in about half-way, it gives the instrumentation more depth. Then the lead guitar comes in and adds another layer. Nice! The tune evokes images of a carefree experience and playfulness. Would be great for a car advertisement, life insurance or children's toy. I enjoyed your tune.

Bo Diddley Meets the Allman Brothers and jams out for a while, pretty well done Allman clone. Nice solid playing all round. Very listenable stuff.

sounds like Almond Brothers, I like it

Great Allman style jam. Really like the rhythm section work, and the guitars keep up an original , and interesting run of ideas.

Excellent guitar work, great song, marketable.

Groovy little track...has an Allman Bros feel

Great recording and musicianship

Upbeat, jaunty. Good arrangement. Decent playing. Could see it on a show about vacations.

A pleasant listen, fast-moving, exciting, never boring. Not sure what the "purpose" of it is (I am not an commercial instrumental music expert), but I am sure there are applications for pieces like this upbeat composition.

Music Kenney & Steven Noguera Producer Steven Noguera
Performance Steven & kenney
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