crazy horse

Song Length 4:00 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Lead Vocal Instrumental

Nice instrumental track. The guitar licks (the lead and the delayed guitars) really make this one stand out. A bit ZZtop-ish on some spots

Very nice production; use of the stereo field. The juxtaposition of the edgy guitar tracks and lead lines against the synth "popcorn" and grooving drum machine is a very effective. Nice progressions as well; gives it a nice flare of suspense and/or tension. I can see this used in a comedy/action adventure like Beverly Hills Cop, The A-Team or similar. Great job!

This song is perfect for a tech business commercial or even a home improvement commercial!
LC Team

Like it very much! Lead Gtr is a great idea to play the main theme. Very suitable for soundtracks

Really great blend of instruments in this soundtrack piece. I like the guitar-focused melody lines. Nice work!

I enjoyed this piece immensely. It had a very nice groove and a pocket. The recording was also done very well as was the guitar playing.

like the pace/electro vibe, nice guitar work, though it should be changed in the tag to unique/soundtrack IMO...liked it!! ps, and you didn't OVER MASTER IT!!!! thank you for that.

This definitely could have some instrumental licensing potential. I think many images could fit with this, probably a montage. I like the electronic beats. They keep it interesting. The guitar is well placed and appropriate. Nice tone as well. This song could maybe pass for a retro 80's usage as well, not that it sounds too dated.

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