Song Length 4:19 Genre Rock - Psychedelic, Rock - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists Led Zeppelin, Chris Cornell
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


I can see my home from here
One more glance it disappears
Maybe it survives the years
If I make it back at all

Ours is not the reason why
Our holy mantra, you and I
As we turn our faces to the sky
And try to ignore the fall

Slip the moorings, leave the face
Coasting now at a comet's pace
Mourn the loss of our own race
To reach for something else

Past the point of no return
No mothers cry, no cities burn
The heavy hearts within were earned
Guilt we carry in our cells

Maybe when some years have passed
And the skies return to blue at last
The sun breaks through the pall we've cast
We'll come back again

Maybe history repeats
All our mistakes all our defeats
Others someday take our seats
To reach for something else
To reach for something else
To reach for something else...

Lyrics Robert George Smith (ASCAP) Music Michael Gladstone (ASCAP)
Producer Michael Gladstone (ASCAP) Publisher Tone Search Tunes (ASCAP)/Tuba Player Music (ASCAP)
Performance Junkyardfieldtrip
This track is on 3 Broadjam Top 10 Lists
Top 10 List Rank
New York #2
Rock - Psychedelic #1
Rock #2

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