Talk to Nana

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song for my grandson, Isaac. Originally written as a pass the baby song, it has evolved to encompass the need for children to open up and talk to their loving authorities in their lives. Surely one of them can help!

Song Description

Talk to Nana. If Nana can't help you (or get you to quit crying), pass the baby to grandpa, or daddy, or mommy. When all else fails return to Nana. She's the one!

Song Length 3:05 Genre Blues - General, Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Welcoming, Engaging Subject General, General
Similar Artists Peter, Paul & Mary, Joan Baez Language English
Era 2000 and later


Talk to Nana, Talk to Nana
Tell Nana all your troubles
Talk to Nana, Talk to Nana
Tell Nana all you need.
And if Nana cannot help you,
If she can't do anything......

Talk to Grampa......etc.
And if Grampa cannot help you,
If he can't do anything.....

Talk to Daddy...... etc,

Talk to Mommy...... etc.

Talk to Nana, Talk to Nana
Tell Nana all your troubles
Talk to Nana, Talk to Nana
Talk to Nana, baby , talk to Nana
Talk to Nana, Talk to Nana
Talk to Nana, baby, talk to Nana

nice groove, instruments well played, enjoy the violin adding "flavor" through the song seems to be made for children's type of educational or supportive effort, maybe part of a children's album that delivers healthy or wholesome messages in enjoyable musical formats....

Very cool little blues tune. Great vocals and catchy rhythms really make it move. Never heard a violin in a blues song before so that was surprising.

A nice easy Blues Country song. Good vocals in action delivering the emotion of the story well. Nice balanced pro production. Enjoyable!

I like the way the multiple vocals weave in and out throughout the arrangement. Nice fiddle fills throughout, too, and the solo section is well-done.

Perfect arrangement/recording. All parts fit beautiful together.

Very original composition. The various vocals were used very effectively presenting the verses. The bass, percussion, and guitar (which I really liked) tracks mixed very well. I also really liked the integration of the violin tracks in place of a lead guitar. Good vocal mix and quality.
I think this is "All You Need".

I love the duet in the song. I love the concept of the song. I wanted to hear more of the back story.
V1 = Introduce the big idea
Chorus 1 = what's the big idea
V2 = what's next? Why keep listening?
Chorus 2 = say the big idea again
Bridge = what's next? Why keep listening? / this is what a listener takeaways
Outro = unresolved / open for listener's interpretation

Talk to me Talk to me...Love this kick--s song

Really nice keys/bass interplay here. And nice contrast in the vocal parts.

great Idea Love the lyrics and vocals, the changing singers is awesome,
Wonderful song and good musicianship and recording too.

dug the fiddle big time

Another great one!

Love it. Great songwriting. I like the fiddle

I love the driving beat and the sound of the drums and the guitar, great vocals as well - very original sounding and cool.

Well done, good tune. Good arrangement and instrumentation. Nice rhythm and beat. Like the overall vibe.

It might make a pretty good children's song though the order of advice allocation might be disputable.

The recording is produced very well and it has a good feel all around. The vocals are performed well and the instrumentation fits the tune.

I can relate, we have three granddaughters!

Nothing like relying on the family. The instruments are solid on this one.

This song has a very catchy hook and lyrics.

lyrics and vocals are great

Super job, has a vital lesson, and gives children an appreciation for the blues... Super Job

HA HA!--I would love to hear this on the radio!--I LOVE IT!--great song all the way around!--CHEERS!--JOE

Nice country Blues Number

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter
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