I Spy You Spy

Story Behind The Song

I actually wrote this song by mistake! I was asked to write a theme song for Spy Camp and this was my first offering. Turned out they wanted something entirely different, but this song was a winner anyway. This song has really fun actions.

Song Description

God's creative power is evident in the things He created. (Romans 1:20, Job 12:7-10). This is a fun kid's song about Creation pointing us to God. This song has actions and it is a huge favorite with the kids.

Song Length 3:39 Genre Unique - Children, Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Joyful Subject General, God
Similar Artists Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith Language English
Era 2000 and later


I'm liftin' up my spyglass and what do I see?
A lotta cool stuff starin' right back at me
And I don't believe in that big bang theory
There has to be a God; only God can make a tree.

I spy, you spy, we spy it all
From the stars up in the sky
To the crashing waterfall.
From the teeny tiny toad
To the big beluga whale
I spy God (I spy God) and I'm stickin' to His trail.

Da dum da dum
Da dum da dum
Da dum da dum
Da dum da dum

Nice children's song, very active lyrics and nice music.

Love it...... This is good stuff....

Catchy and playful religious song with a great message. I can definitely see this on a Christian Program or in a theatre production. I liked the Spanish guitar, made it more interesting. I also liked the finger snapping which kept in perfect time with the meter.

Instrumental is catchy and fun. Pacing of the song works well.

Oh dear - an anti evolution song for children. I am a convinced, died in the wool evolutionist/Darwinist. I see God in everything, I see God in evolution, I am not happy about a song that preaches even though it is a charming song with great voices and a super melody.

I like it! Has a klezmer feel, but also an old fashioned western thing going. Also the sing-along aspect is good. Feels perfect for the right fundamentalist Sunday school.

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie Defrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter
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