Armor of God

Story Behind The Song

I was having my quiet time and reading Ephesians 6 and God blessed me with this song.

Song Description

Based on Ephesians 6, this is a song that encourages the listener to put on the armor of God (every piece listed) and resist the devil.

Song Length 2:52 Genre Pop - Religious, Unique - Children
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Pleased Subject God, Determination
Similar Artists Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith Language English
Era 2000 and later


CHORUS: Armor, Armor, put on the armor of God.
Armor, Armor, put on the armor of God.

I've got a helmet of salvation and I wear it every day.
And if a rock falls on my noggin, it will bounce the other way.
I've got this great big shield of faith that I hold in front of me
And when the devil shoots out his fiery darts, extinguished they will be. (CHORUS)

I've got a breastplate that protects me, and it's made of righteousness
I'm a disciple, Jesus' soldier, and I always answer YES. (SIR!)
I've got my loins girt up with truth, so I will not tell a lie
And when temptation comes a-knocking, I say no NO NO NO, g'bye! (CHORUS)

I've got gospel socks, and gospel shoes. Hey, no bare feet for me!
I've got the sharp sword of the Spirit; it's the truth that sets me free.
Strong in the Lord, in the strength of His might, I resist in the evil day.
And when the devil comes attacking, I fall on my knees
I open my heart
I call on my God ...and I pray! (CHORUS)

loved it. well done!

What a fun song, nice group sound , nice harmony on the end....glad I had a listen.

Clean recording and production.

cute entertaining song. enjoyed it very much. a little humor in religion is good.

witty lyrics in this song, like the style that this singer has

I've got mine on!!! What a cute little song...perfect for children, and adults too. You know, as I was listening to this piece, I could actually hear gospel recording artist, Carmen singing this song. I love it, and the great thing about is it stuck in my head even after the song as done...that's a great thing! Well done.

Very good children's song! Well done! Nice and easy to tap your foot too and I can see the kids really enjoying this in Sunday school! Well done!

Cute and original! Recording was clear and instrumentation was very good. I liked the little kid feel and it feels a little cajun rhythm like to me.

Strong message. I like the harmonica track.

Catchy beat, good tempo!Good sing a long song. Great hook/

Great song....I would definitely let my youth choir sing this song. Love the harmonica!

I like the vocals and the lyrics

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter
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