Lima Beans

Story Behind The Song

I'm a preacher's wife and we eat a LOT of beans. That's why I wrote this song.

Song Description

Lauds the economic and tasty varieties of beans.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Folk - Rural, Folk - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Jovial Subject Comedy, Funny, Vegetables
Similar Artists Aretha Franklin, Peter, Paul & Mary Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Chorus: Lima Lima Lima Lima Beans
Try garbanzos and you'll know what I mean
Black beans, red beans, pintos too
I love my beans,
Now baby, how about you?

Well, If you're low on cash and you've got mouths to feed
Just roll your grocery cart to where they keep the beans
(Well I said) Sixteen ounces cost you sixty-five
Six hungry tummies will be satisfied (with your) CHORUS

Well if you're splittin' hairs you oughta try split peas
Gushy green and mushy from your soup tureen.
Or for your Tex-Mex mood, Fry some free-ho-lays
Spice 'em up with chili, it'll make your day. CHORUS

Well I'm waiting with my beans in the grocery line.
The gal in front of me, she bought some U.S. Prime. (U.S. Prime! U.S. Prime!)
She?s shellin' out her food stamps for a hunk of beef.
But I'll pay cash for my lima beans. CHORUS

Well times is rough and we're eatin' beans
I got fifty ways to fix 'em and I eat like a queen!
Spoken: Ok, folks, pop quiz time! Fill in the blank!
God made beans and it came to pass
When God gave us beans He created ?gas, CHORUS

You make a good song out of beans...... lots of texture too

This song's a gas! Pass the biscuits, please. Down home flavor, echoed gospel style chorus, where guitars are gee-tars and pianos are keyboards! Whooping and hollering, just a down south backyard barbecue of a good time! That's why "Lima Beans" does what it's supposed to do. It musically and lyrically paints the picture with finesse, terrific vocals, and expert instrumentation. The melody is sprightly and bouncy, lyrically fun, and fits the mood.

check, sound ggooooooot!

I think that's you Kate? Really fun, nutty (or beany) song! Arrangement is perfect, and the BG vocals work great! I love beans myself!!

Here's an interesting work. This is a classic energetic call-and-answer format with an acoustic guitar. The lyric subject is deceptive at first. The singer talks about a variety of beans, "black beans, red beans, pintos too". There is a subtle change in the lyric direction from being akin to a children's song. The singer describes herself from an economic position of poverty at the check-out counter in a grocery store. Nice twist on the story-line.

Very witty and entertaining piece that keeps your feet tapping. (and this is coming from someone who hates lima beans). Really good tune that stays together nicely from start to finish.

Wonderful folk song! Engaging vocalist with a wonderful chorus. Balanced production that allows the listener to hear and understand every word. Well done!

Fun. Loved the backing vocals. This is extremely kooky stuff. Someone with a real character wrote this! I can also relate as a long-term vegan...I imagine that this is an extremely popular and much requested song in this artist's live show. I enjoyed the single chord on the guitar. Why use more if you can get away with just the one? Especially as the backing vocal game was so strong.

Pitch, and voice are great. Chorus repeat good. I have been envious of dogs and cats, but a bean, come on? Enjoyable song. Handclap great.

Now I know everything i ever wanted to know about beans! A fun rural folk style celebration of this important natural culinary side dish delivered with great affection and enthusiasm. Well done!

Fun Fun song ............Hate beans always make me sick.........But can't hate the song

Haha, took me by surprise. I think songs like this remind me of the big world of music really is. There is a spot for all kinds of music. What a happy little tune. I'm sitting here smiling about it. You are doing something right! I like it.

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Eugene Baker Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter

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