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Cat trying to catch goldfish in bowl. No luck. Lady goldfish

Song Length 2:48 Genre Electronic - Downbeat, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Tranquil, Relaxed Era 2000 and later

Very unique and atmospheric, would fit in any reflective scene in a movie or tv show

Nice bass line and other worldly sound scape. Would make an interesting back ground for many film and tv applications. Good use of faders to bring in and emphasis various aspect of the music to create changing moods. Move smoothly though its changes. All in all well done, thank you for sharing it.

I liked the a lot great vibe....

Oh, I love this track!! It definitely fits within the electronic downtempo genre and it's quite beautiful - lovely use of instrumentation and arrangement. I can see myself lying next to the pool or at the sea relaxed with a cocktail... Well done!!

There's a lot of drama in this piece. Somehow the artist is able to communicate emotion in this electronic composition. It's a crazy puzzle with a lot of amazing sounds that surprise the listener...a cross between benign gunshots to birdlike sounds...possibly in the jungle? When the keys come in, they add a richness. Consistent drum beat offers unity to the piece. Definitely creative!

I could imagine this as astral projection/meditation enhancement music. It has a fresh, bright energy.

real jazzy feel almost, nice swing to it, and the beats really phat I liker it, it's also dreamy with a nice set of different sounds that caught my ear keep it up, and thanks for sharing

Nicely done. I can see this getting licensed for many different type of scenes. It had a nice mix of dark and light elements. I enjoyed the ear candy. The playful scratching made me happy. The bass had a nice groove. The beats are elegantly done. Nice bridge just before the 2 min mark. - Thanks for sharing!

Twisted blue skies with black bird warped shadows; with just a touch of weather; some droplets on your LCD perhaps. It's 82 degrees; rain forecasted for this afternoon and this electronic downbeat piece of music is nice for at-home meanderings. I have to paint the back room and this would be good music to get into a groove - it's a beautiful blue.

Smooth, cool and prime for syncing up with tv/film work. Great changes and dynamics keep things exciting. The consistent beat with the ambient sounds gently gliding around hold it all together in a great way. Nice work for sure!

Great track i could see this being used for movie

Well produced genre piece of electronica, sounds well targeted for sync licensing.

Music Fred Kimmel Producer Fred Kimmel
Publisher WUJ Productions Performance Fred Kimmel
Label WUJ Productions
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