Somethin' Smokey

Song Length 4:14 Genre Electronic - Downbeat, R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Similar Artists Moby, Beck

*This is so beautiful and completely fits within the genre of electronic downbeat - well done you...
*It is produced to extremely high quality with wonderful use of varied but complementary panned instruments..
*I can definitely see myself drinking a cocktail at the pool or beach with this one...

Great intro. I like the use of the flute and sax, which give a nod to the past whilst the rest of the instrumentation sounds very contemporary. I love the jazzy inflections in this tune. The instrumentation is outstanding. I love the vibe. Outstanding work. If I heard this tune on a night out, I'd say to my friends 'Be quiet for a few minutes. I'm listening to the music'.

I love the monotoned backgrounds of the Boards of Canada, the midi flutes and other instrumentation from Ibiza's studios, so this very enjoyable piece caught my ears immediately. Here's the thing: it really moves yet it's calming and pleasant. Then it has lovely rippling notes at the end. It sounds unique even among so many techno pieces. It's so enjoyable I listened to it a couple more times!

This is pure sonic fun! A plethora of sounds come in to the consistent beat throughout the song. Love the flute and all the other interesting sounds the producer brings in, including a sound that sounds like someone saying "hip hop". Song builds and then kicks back to simple and then builds again, making it very interesting to listen to. Keys have a mellow sound. Well done!

Has a solid groove, nice use of the stereo panning/transitions in the mix, good sub-harmonics, and a nice blend of higher frequency flute/synth patches that work well.

Wicked nice key/synth break that takes it to an unexpected ending.

I love this groove quality dont change a thing

lots o verity. Tempo always felt, evan in the spacey part. Great spacey part, best part of the piece.

Nice ambient feel.

When its good ...... its good.....

This beat was so smooth and funky, it had everything for me. You didnt go too far to mess it up, but definitely kept it fresh by switching it up. I love that stutter/chop of whatever instrument that is. Also the keys and additional melodies are very nice. Would love to hear this in some type of media, if no one will sing or rap over it.

It is really relaxing song even though electronic. Nice, delicate, rich in musical and rhythmic ideas. I like the level of recorded sounds and variety. But of course I like the choice of sounds, their quality and echo feeling. Even listening to the whole thing again i can find some new ideas and is not boing. It is like going to the forest, you can see new things all the time.

I like the lead flute and horn sounds and the way they are arranged with the groove and beat of this tune. I do not listen to this genre on a regular basis, but I find this song to be a very pleasant listening experience. This tune would work well as a sound track in a suspense movie. I believe it will draw interest.

It's absolutely beautiful. The arrangement, choice of instruments rank suprub a 5star master piece. Not sure exactly what type of wind instrument was used during the hook, but it really grabs you and makes you think of reaching a goal or reached that goal. It commands you to focus on whatever it is you need to concentrate and We totally dig it.

Music Fred Kimmel Producer Fred Kimmel
Publisher WUJ Productions Performance Fred Kimmel
Label WUJ Productions
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