Black Crow (In The Snow)

Song Description

A sorrowful diary of a heart betrayed, fading into life?s apathetic pace as the meaning of the pain and loss gains clarity, while the hope for wrongs to be righted, and the love to be restored, rests frozen in time.

Song Length 3:04 Genre Rock - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Sadness, Lost Love
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Black Crow (In The Snow)

It doesn't take much to get me there
At traffic lights my silent stare is seeing you
And this ache's become a part of me
But I only feel it when I breathe
And the desolation doesn't show
Black crow in the snow

I tried to hide on the Interstate
But every mile of pavement knew my fate
So now I just drive slow
And the markers pass like dreams that wake
And for a heart you swore you'd never break
Well, I guess that's how it goes
It's a round trip back, it's one way home
Black crow in the snow

I woke this morning to a black crow's cry
It startled my heart in the bed where I lie
Black crow announcing her intentions to the sky
And my breathing all but stopped, as I listened to decide
Was she screaming to live
Or was she screaming to die

You gave me your promise, good as gold
Then you left it lying in this road
And there is where it froze
And the sun still makes its surface glow
But the coldness lying just below
Will never let it go
Still each time it's glimmered
Down she has dove
Black crow in the snow

Words and Music by Laura Day
© Copyright Laura Day
All Rights Reserved

Lyrics Laura Day Music Laura Day
Producer Laura Day (Recorded at Dragon Digital, St. Paul, MN, Jon Erickson Engineer) Publisher Laura Day
Performance Vocals-Laura Day, Acoustic Guitar-Laura Day
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