Blue Chalkin'

Story Behind The Song

Originally called simply 'Blue Chalk'. Re-titled with some improvements. Title(s) inspired by the occasion of a toddler receiving a chalk set and chalk board as a gift.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Jazz - General, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits Subject Power, Energy
Era 2000 and later

Great synth/keyboard centric piece. I love the vintage synth sounds juxtaposed to more modern sounds/effects. The musicianship is obvious; with some nice changes and well executed solos and riffs... the break at ~1:30 is really cool. In the tradition of Keith Emerson, Jan Hammer, and Herbie Hancock... this piece is tastefully crafted, performed and produced! Well Done!

I love this piece. Wicked keyboard player and arranger here would be the obvious point to make in this review. Nice use of retro and modern synth sounds all over the place. I was hooked on this piece in the first 5 seconds and it gets better as it goes on.

Great little keyboard based jazz piece. Liked where this went and the clarity of the recording mix. "In the pocket" playing, tight rhythm and tasty licks. Good stuff.

Bright, up tempo happy sounding arrangement. Very engaging and up lifting. The intro is great.

There are some good creative juices flowing here....

Nice bright opening. Great instrumentation. An innovative and catchy melody. I like the piano section at 1.25 and the change of direction at 2.26. I love the jazzy touches. The inventiveness of the tune keeps the listener on board throughout. Great sound quality.

This was a very cool piece. Felt electronic, jazzy, acid infused and quirky. Nice ride...could be a awesome jazz brunch song. The theory in the writing was complex but easy to understand and listen to. I totally loved this song and the journey it took me on.

It is a fusion of electronic and jazz, very skilful and very enjoyable to listen to. I found that surprising as I don't often like electronic music. The instrumental skill is outstanding it reminds me of a more modern and advanced version of Dave Brubeck.

Very cool changes & excellent playing.
Would like to hear more stuff.
great beat and movement.
really diggin the changes.

It is a okay piece on music. Mixture of Jazz and electric in my opinion.

I think this is the first Electro-Pop I've ever listened to and this one is SUPER FUN! First of all the song has a great groove and hook. Very full instrumentation and rich sound, great mix. It's complicated without sounding over-complicated. This is a very danceable track. I love what I'm hearing at 1:14. Whoever played keys on this did a great job. I like the combination of sounds and samples. This song evokes excitement and has some nice change-ups. It's jazzy and fun and even takes on an outer space/sci-fi feel at 2:13.

Nice melody hook

Pleasant choice of patches for the synth. The bass slams well, too. This could so easily have been the starting of a prog epic from the 70s! The variations around the basic theme, the inter-weaving patterns make me vote for this to be more in the prog genre than in pop. I don't know where this can be commercialy used, though, but hey, what do I know!

Tony Tersmette really hits it out of the park with his track Blue Chalk. he builds on the synth pop of the past but definitely takes the song to a place in the future. a solid production and well thought out electric composition

Music Tony Tersmette Producer Tony Tersmette
Publisher ASCAP Performance Tony Tersmette
Label Chilly Aztec Music
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Signal 30 Signal 30's 7th Playlist 10/5/2021
Jeana Marie Potthoff Jazz 7/14/2021

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