Story Behind The Song

Musically just came to be in an open jam. Lyrically the song was written after the music was complete. I was in a very personally reflective state of mind, found myself afraid of making big life decisions, of taking chances. Of chasing your dreams. I wrote the song, and in that it kind of helped me in a way get over that fear and start making the moves I wanted to with my life and making my dreams a reality.

Song Description

Were born into this world with nothing but dreams. We chase them as a child and forget them as we age. We get lost in the river of life, but if were determined enough, strong-willed enough, and focused to believe in ourselves we can rise up out of that river of life and actually ride. navigating obstacles, weaving around tragedy and trauma, and hitting the smooth calm waters of the bay, floating off into the sunset with the sail in the wind.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Heavy Metal
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Enchanting Subject Life, Dreams
Similar Artists Pink Floyd, Dream Theater Language English
Era 2000 and later


Time is like a river
Flowing to the seas
Carrying a mirror image
Of our broken dreams
nothing lasts forever
that much you can tell
all of our forgotten dreams
tossed back into the well

seize you life
nows the time
change you mind
dreams youll find

one life is all we have
to make our dreams come true
nobody controls your fate
that is all up to you
choices that we make in life
so crippiling it seems
filling up the river
with our broken dreams

(pretty guitar stuff)

on the river of life
sailing towards fate
mastering the rapid waters
as we navigate
take whatever is left
of your borrowed time
sail off into the sunset
with the dreams trapped in your mind

Symetria is a rock force to be reckoned with. Strong vocals and excellent driving guitar solos will keep you entertained and keep bringing you back for more. Symetria has one foot in retro rock and one foot in today's rock. Whichever you prefer you'll find it in Symetria.

Lyrics Vincent Santonastaso Music Symetria
Producer Tim McMurtrie, Eric Rachel Publisher BMI
Performance Symetria Label Tripsquad Records
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