Wolf Dawn

Story Behind The Song

Written while watching the dark turn to daybreak on a remote farm on a cold snowy February morning..

Song Description

An instrumental built around a lone grand piano playing at the start and end. Beautiful brooding tune. Haunting sad start which perks up to sound like a clock and the impending demands of a busy day working to the clock when all you want to do is sit and daydream. The tune then returns back to the haunting lone grand piano at the end. This would be a great song to run through the course of a movie from start to finish.

Song Length 4:35 Genre Electronic - Ambient, New Age - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Relaxed, Blissful Era 2000 and later

The timber of the electronics was very clean. The composition was well accomplished and the drop was well executed and darkly colorful, remined me of early Brian Eno

Inventive production and arrangement - I like different. reminds me of so many great synth tracks of the past including Enigma (Sadness).

Really nicely blended sounds throughout here. This would make really good background music for any number of movies or TV shows. Almost has a hypnotizing effect. Good work.

I like the entire arrangement, I wouldn't mess with that

I love the way the keyboards start and how the bass keys are played and then left out for a bit, great special effects as well.

Enjoyable. Haunting but nice intro. Well balanced production. Enjoyed it......................

This composition has a really KILLER Vibe!!! Love all the sounds/Loops that are in this tune....extremely interesting and exotic choice of instrumentation, GREAT JOB!! It's a real treat to the ears, love to hear more from this composer.....This is a Keeper............

nice start and balance seems like Ive heard this before!
ha ha isn't that the Goal by the Way?

Soundtrack for Sureo!

Music Highsmyth Producer HIghsmyth
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Wolf Dawn

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