We Are Here

Song Length 4:52 Genre Rock - Americana

a big sounding rock ballad. dark and moody verses big production.
chorus is a call to arms in a gentle way. has that 70's 80's rock band style and theme to it.
nice guitar solo and sound on the guitar

"We Are Here" is an emotionally gripping and effectively evocative classic rock protest song. The subject matter--a generation's promise to bring about social change, its successes and disappointments--is a refreshing change from so much of what makes the charts and trends on the socials these days. The chorus sings, "We Are Here, We Are Here.... Raise your arms into the air." We can see an entire arena of fans, and possibly a whole world of followers, following along. Feelin' it, guys. Right on.

Beautiful intro. Liked that haunting quality on electric guitar. Good lyrics and solid balanced production. Well done.

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