One More River to Cross

Story Behind The Song

A song about retribution and vengeance. Old West morals.

Song Description

A man has been framed for a murder by a lawman who has taken everything he owns including his house and his wife. He has waited seven years to be released from prison so he could finally face his nemesis in a showdown. He had to kill the man who took his life away so he could get it all back.

Song Length 4:54 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Cool Subject Justice, Judgement
Language English Era 1800 - 1899


Spent seven long years in a Tupelo jail
They say I killed a man.
I was framed for a crime I didn't commit
Now I'm ready to make my stand.
He locked me in this six by eight
I counted every single day.
I knew one day I'd get out
And make that Marshall pay.

I've got one more river to cross
One more mountain to climb
One more man to kill
Before I take back all that's mine

She spent seven long years in this house
With that poor excuse of a man.
Shoulder to shoulder with the devil himself
It was time to make my stand.
I called him out with the sun at my back
He pushed his way through the door.
With a star on his chest and all dressed in black
He looked ready to fight this war.



(Bridge with verse sung over it)

He looked at me with a smirk on his face
Asked me "why had I come?"
I said I was there to take it all back
Then I saw the twitch of his thumb.
He held a Winchester rifle across his arms
Had his sights set on me.
I drew and shot him between the eyes
And watched him drop slowly to his knees

Chorus (2 Times)

I lifted her head and looked into her eyes
Tears falling onto my hand.
She turned to look at the fallen dead
And spit on that evil man.
I held her shaking body close to mine
And could feel as she shed her pain.
She pushed me away with the hint of a smile
And said we can start over again.

Chorus (4 Times)

Good song. Good story.

Sergio you have solid songwriting instincts and good storytelling abilities. You bring the listener right into your story waiting for the climax.

I enjoyed listening to the story line. The vocals have a lot of character and add a lot to the story line as well. Nice easy track with a feel good vibe even though you have a few "one mores" to deal with. The intro was nice and pulled me in right away. The chorus had a nice lift and the bridge came in right where I thought it would. Nice job!

You really have to like a murder song; you just don't hear them too much anymore. This a country song that stays true to its heritage except in this case a man wrongly convicted of murder decides upon release to commit the crime for which he was falsely imprisoned. All of the elements necessary are here, from the harmonica to the singer full of forlorn hope.

Lyrics Sergio Simone Music Elmer Ferrer
Producer Elmer Ferrer Performance Elmer Ferrer, Chuck Jackson
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